Alumni Spotlight: Meaghan Agnew

Meaghan Agnew, originally from just outside Atlanta, is a 2009 graduate of H&S. She has been involved with the alumni board since 2012 and now serves as the vice president. Here, she shares a glimpse into her past as an Honors student and her present as a proud H&S alum.

Q: Where do you live and work now?

A: I live in Franklinton, just west of downtown Columbus, and work as a technical writer at a software company called Infor.

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

A: As a former English major, reading is more of a lifestyle than a hobby! I missed the organized book discussions from college, so I’ve now had a monthly book club for the past six years. I also enjoy gardening, hiking, and going to local breweries.

Q: What drew you to OSU and studying English?

A: I knew I wanted to go to a big school and stay in Ohio, so OSU was a no-brainer. My English classes were always my favorite in high school and I thought I might like to become a professor, so those things drew me to the English department. Maybe I’ll go back for that PhD one day!

Q:  What are some of your favorite memories from attending OSU?

A: Football games are usually a huge part of most Buckeyes’ experiences, but the 2006 OSU vs. Michigan game is one of my favorite memories. I rushed the field with friends after we won and tried to bring home some of the grass for my mom, who is a fellow alum.

I lived in the same house with the same group of people for my sophomore through senior years, and have a lot of great memories with them. We had a huge porch on our house and spent a lot of time procrastinating studying out there!

My favorite class was an Honors English class that was completely devoted to reading James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Q: Why did you want to get involved with the H&S Alumni Society?

A: Because I still live in Columbus, I wanted to find a way to be involved with the university other than attending football games. My honors classes were the most memorable, so I thought I’d start with H&S and see how to get more involved.

Q: What are some of your responsibilities with being on the board?

A: There are some secretarial duties, like emailing and taking notes, but the main responsibility is organizing events.

Q: What is one of your favorite events you’ve helped put on?

A: Along with another board member, I helped organize a dinner and dialogue event with Dr. Buffington, from the veterinary medicine school. He is very well known for his research on cats, so we had a great mix of current vet students as well as alumni who wanted to learn more about their pets.

Q: What are some reasons alumni should consider getting involved in the board?

A: Not only is it a great way to maintain a link to the university, but I think it’s a way to continue learning and growing. We’ve held educational tours of breweries and the Ohio State Planetarium, mentoring events for current students, and social events where you can meet new people.

Q: What is something about your life now that you would not have predicted when you were an undergrad?

A: That I never left Columbus!